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About Our Facilities

The Vascular & Interventional Specialists of Siouxland is the area’s premier treatment facility of vascular and vein care. Our clinic features state-of-the-art technology and offers patients the latest in screening, diagnosis, and treatment for vascular diseases. Our modern approach offers treatments that are non-surgical or minimally invasive, allowing us to provide our patients with same-day procedures and quick recovery.

What is an Office-Based Lab (OBL)?

An Office-Based Lab (OBL) is a type of clinic that provides exams, diagnosis, and treatment for certain conditions within a physician’s office setting. OBLs are an increasingly popular alternative for outpatient care to the cold, sterile environment of a traditional hospital setting.

Office-Based Labs offer benefits for physicians and patients alike. Doctors enjoy greater autonomy, flexibility, and control over every aspect of the clinic experience. Patients benefit from reduced costs, a more comfortable setting, and personalized care close to home.

Advances in medical technology and surgical techniques have helped OBLs become more popular. State-of-the-art capabilities are available in modern medical equipment with smaller footprints, and minimally invasive treatments allow patients a faster return to normal life without overnight stays.

At Vascular & Interventional Specialists, we’re proud to offer world-class expertise and treatment in an Office-Based Lab setting. We’re able to provide expert vein and vascular care in-house—right here in Siouxland.